What is AntiquiTech?

The history of warfare teaches one primary truth: military superiority is not a function of troop size, skill or strength. Neither is it a function of strategy. Superiority resides in one thing more than anything else: Technology.
From the advent of the sling, longbow, chariot, gunpowder, gatling gun, tanks, submarines, nuclear capabilities, and most recently satellite, drone and cyber technologies, those states that possess such knowledge, also possess a significant military advantage. It is also, for this reason, that the miniscule state of Israel, with a population of less than 9 million, and a land mass smaller than the size of lake Michigan, is able to ward off any potential threats from what is probably the most volatile region in the world.
How is this immediately relevant to the realm of archeology and antiquity?
The answer is a simple one: it is my humble belief that the archeological world, like many other industries, is ripe, ready and due for disruption.
Technological disruption of a positive nature.
This disruption will result in the following:
  • More efficient excavation times
  • Greater connectivity and sharing amongst archeologists
  • Singificantly enhanced visitor experiences at museums and sites
  • Renewed interest and excitement in the field
  • A positive impact in tourism revenues
  • An increase in funding sources
The AntiquiTech team is focused on remaining up to date on the most advanced technologies, identifying the value that is created, and provising the necessary advisory and consulting services.
AntiquiTech can be broadly categorized into four categories:
1. Surveying Technology
2. Excavation Technology
3. Post-Excavation / Processing Technology
4. Exhibiting Technology
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AJ Meir

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