What is ‘Antiquitech?

Antiquitech is the leading online source for the most advanced and innovative technologies in the antiquities and archeological world. Antiquitech’s consultants are both passionate and excited about the technologies that will catapult and propel the field of archeology forward in the coming years.

Antiquitech is a term first coined by AJ MEIR in the pre-dawn rainy hours of a Saturday morning in February 2018. Antiquitech innovation can be broadly categorised into four fields:

  1. Surveying Technology
  2. Excavation Technology
  3. Post-Excavation / Processing Technology
  4. Exhibiting Technology

Antiquitech provides technology consulting and advisory services to government organisations, academic and archeological institutions, private organisations and the documentary film industry

AJ MEIR is an Australian who has been living in Israel for more than two decades. As a graduating high school student, he held one primary ambition: to become an archeologist. His parents, school principal and career advisors howeever had other [rather strong] views. They succeeded in convincing him that archeology would not provide a solid income, and that his strong debating and maths skills would be better suited to either law, accounting or finance. And so he buried what was supposedly a ‘childish infatuation’ and began his adult life.

Almost 30 years later, AJ has gained experienced as an accountant, management consultant, equity analyst, has worked as a senior parliamentary advisor in Israel’s Knesset, and taught bachelor-level economics at one of Israel’s leading universities. He also founded two early-stage ventures, in the US and Israel, and has worked for more than a decade in the senior management of one of Israel’s largest banks.

AJ is married with four kids. He enjoys reading biographies, meditation, alpine skiing, trekking and sailing. His personal philosophies are a blend of stoicism, buddhism, and a wry Lacedaemonian worldview. He enjoys Lapsang Souchang tea in the morning and cognac at night.  When he needs to mull over or deliberate on something, he occasionally enjoys smoking pipes made by Efthymiou the Colossus of Rhodes.